Distance MBA							  - Human Resource Management

The purpose of MBA in Human Resource Management is to provide a learning curve to the students that can be readily transferred into daily practices, especially in the field of human resources. It focuses on basic functions such as HR planning, selection, performance management, recruitment management, compensation management and performance appraisals. It also sheds light on labour relations, interpersonal skill development, organizational behaviour and development of organizational policies. This program aims to develop HR professionals capable of handling vital HR role in public and private HR firms such as HR specialist, employment relations, and more.


Year 1

  1. Modern Business Organization and Management
  2. Global Business Environment & Economics
  3. Accounting & Financial Management
  4. HR & OB
  5. Business Research Methodology
  6. Modern Marketing Management
  7. Production Operations & SCM
  8. Business Communication Skills
  9. Project Work 1
  10. Project Work 2
  11. Comprehensive Viva Voce

Year 2

  1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
  3. Human Resource Development & Industrial Relations
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Leadership And Global Business Management
  6. Strategic Hrm
  7. Team Building And Leadership
  8. Training & Development
  9. Project Work 3
  10. Project Work 4
  11. Comprehensive Viva Voce

SGVU - MBA with a Harvard Edge

  • SGVU has associated with Harvard Business Publishing with a mission to provide the best of learning resources for its students; thereby harness the learning process of the learner enabling him/her to evolve as a professional. Harvard Business Publishing is a subsidiary of Harvard Business School. Under this arrangement the students of MBA(WILP) program will be eligible to undertake a Value-Added Program/Content comprising of Case Studies, Simulations and Online Courses from Harvard Business Publishing.
  • The students would get an opportunity to upgrade his/her Academic Credentials, as the certifications for the programs will come from World Renowned educator i.e. Harvard on successfully clearing their evaluation.
  • SGVU has tuned its MBA (WILP) curriculum with case studies, simulations and online courses coming from Harvard Business Publishing, thereby giving a definite edge to the student. The program will consist of the following elements:
    • a) Case Studies:
    • Student will be able to access 12 case studies from over 10,000+ case studies from Harvard Business School. These cases are of two types:
      • i) HBS brief Cases: 5- 8 pages + exhibits
      • ii) Multimedia Cases: with video, animated charts and audio in addition to normal text.
    • Highlights of Case Analysis
      •  Self-paced tutorial that introduces key concepts for the analysis of case studies
      •  Ideally assigned as students prepare to analyse a case for the first time
      •  Requires students to interpret both qualitative and quantitative data
    • b) Simulations:
    • Student will be able to access 20 simulations from a pool of 40 different relevant Simulations. These simulations have Real – world contexts and narratives with detailed Teaching Notes. Few Simulation Examples students can choose from are as follows:
    • Category Title 1 Title 2
      Entrepreneurship The Startup Game Working Capital Simulation
      Finance Capital Budgeting M & A in Wine Country
      Marketing Managing Segments and Customers Data Analytics Strategic Decision Making
    • Highlights of Simulations:
      •  Real-world contexts and narratives
      •  Simple but powerful administration tools
      •  Detailed Learning Notes
  • c) Online Courses:
  • These online courses provide a comprehensive introduction to each subject. These are the most relevant and industry focused programs adding tremendous value to a Management Graduate’s exposure and knowledge making him Industry Ready. Post assessment from Harvard, the student would receive a completion certificate from Harvard Business Publishing.
  • Course Highlights:
    •  Provide a comprehensive introduction to each topic
    •  Equips the learner to deep dive in the topic thereby enabling learner to master the topic
    •  Certification from Harvard Business Publishing
  • Online Courses from Harvard

  • Quantitative Methods Financial Accounting
    Finance Spreadsheet Modelling: Excel 2013
    Management Communication Mathematics for Management
    • *All the above online courses are non-credit courses


  • Minimum 50% marks in Graduation or Graduation less than 50 % with 2 year of minimum experience is required
  • Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years


Internal Assessments (Continuous Evaluation):

  • Student needs to successfully submit two assignments for every subject
  • Passing Criteria 40%
  • Assignments have 60% weightage in Final evaluation



External Assessments:

  • Term Examination including dissertations would be conducted at end of the term / year.
  • Examination would be conducted at the University Campus  
  • Passing Criteria :  40% (every Subject)
  • Examinations would have 70% weightage in Final evaluation



Continuous Assessments

External Assessments




Term End Exam






Academic Calendar: Dissertation Submissions, Assessment and Workshops





*Students to attempt the same at the University Campus on yearly basis in one of the above months 


Indian Programme Fees:

Fee Plan Fees Payable
Down Payment 25,000/-
Emi 10,000/- for 20 Months.

Indian Programme Fees:

On Admission Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 30 days from receipt of offer letter)
Second Installment Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 6 months from date of admission)
Third Installment Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 12 months from date of admission)
Fourth Installment Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 18 months from date of admission)
Total Fees 200000

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