Distance MBA							  - Finance Management

MBA in Financial Management is tailor made for finance professionals and other professionals who aspire to develop a career in finance sector. It covers all the critical aspect such as capital management, international finance and mergers & acquisition and others. Get in-depth understanding of utilization of financial data in decision-making process and how to translate that information to effectively apply it in different business scenarios.


  • To develop better understanding of the role of financial management in different organisations.
  • To enhance your ability to analyze different market situations and make sound strategic decisions.
  • Develop professionals capable of implementing asset allocation strategies and risk management techniques.
  • Gain skills and knowledge necessary to enhance your career in finance industry.
  • Leverage cutting-edge techniques and the resources for the organizational growth.


Year 1

  1. Modern Business Organization and Management
  2. Global Business Environment & Economics
  3. Accounting & Financial Management
  4. HR & OB
  5. Business Research Methodology
  6. Modern Marketing Management
  7. Production Operations & SCM
  8. Business Communication Skills
  9. Project Work 1
  10. Project Work 2
  11. Comprehensive Viva Voce

Year 2

  1. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
  2. Essentials Of Business Finance
  3. Financial Planning & Analysis
  4. Team Building And Leadership
  5. Analysis Of Financial Statements
  6. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  7. Cost Accounting & Control
  8. International Finance
  9. Project Work 3
  10. Project Work 4
  11. Comprehensive Viva Voce

SGVU - MBA with a Harvard Edge

  • SGVU has associated with Harvard Business Publishing with a mission to provide the best of learning resources for its students; thereby harness the learning process of the learner enabling him/her to evolve as a professional. Harvard Business Publishing is a subsidiary of Harvard Business School. Under this arrangement the students of MBA(WILP) program will be eligible to undertake a Value-Added Program/Content comprising of Case Studies, Simulations and Online Courses from Harvard Business Publishing.
  • The students would get an opportunity to upgrade his/her Academic Credentials, as the certifications for the programs will come from World Renowned educator i.e. Harvard on successfully clearing their evaluation.
  • SGVU has tuned its MBA (WILP) curriculum with case studies, simulations and online courses coming from Harvard Business Publishing, thereby giving a definite edge to the student. The program will consist of the following elements:
    • a) Case Studies:
    • Student will be able to access 12 case studies from over 10,000+ case studies from Harvard Business School. These cases are of two types:
      • i) HBS brief Cases: 5- 8 pages + exhibits
      • ii) Multimedia Cases: with video, animated charts and audio in addition to normal text.
    • Highlights of Case Analysis
      •  Self-paced tutorial that introduces key concepts for the analysis of case studies
      •  Ideally assigned as students prepare to analyse a case for the first time
      •  Requires students to interpret both qualitative and quantitative data
    • b) Simulations:
    • Student will be able to access 20 simulations from a pool of 40 different relevant Simulations. These simulations have Real – world contexts and narratives with detailed Teaching Notes. Few Simulation Examples students can choose from are as follows:
    • Category Title 1 Title 2
      Entrepreneurship The Startup Game Working Capital Simulation
      Finance Capital Budgeting M & A in Wine Country
      Marketing Managing Segments and Customers Data Analytics Strategic Decision Making
    • Highlights of Simulations:
      •  Real-world contexts and narratives
      •  Simple but powerful administration tools
      •  Detailed Learning Notes
  • c) Online Courses:
  • These online courses provide a comprehensive introduction to each subject. These are the most relevant and industry focused programs adding tremendous value to a Management Graduate’s exposure and knowledge making him Industry Ready. Post assessment from Harvard, the student would receive a completion certificate from Harvard Business Publishing.
  • Course Highlights:
    •  Provide a comprehensive introduction to each topic
    •  Equips the learner to deep dive in the topic thereby enabling learner to master the topic
    •  Certification from Harvard Business Publishing
  • Online Courses from Harvard

  • Quantitative Methods Financial Accounting
    Finance Spreadsheet Modelling: Excel 2013
    Management Communication Mathematics for Management
    • *All the above online courses are non-credit courses


  • Minimum 50% marks in Graduation or Graduation less than 50 % with 2 year of minimum experience is required
  • Duration Minimum- 2 years Maximum- 4 years


Internal Assessments (Continuous Evaluation):

  • Student needs to successfully submit two assignments for every subject
  • Passing Criteria 40%
  • Assignments have 60% weightage in Final evaluation



External Assessments:

  • Term Examination including dissertations would be conducted at end of the term / year.
  • Examination would be conducted at the University Campus  
  • Passing Criteria :  40% (every Subject)
  • Examinations would have 70% weightage in Final evaluation



Continuous Assessments

External Assessments




Term End Exam






Academic Calendar: Dissertation Submissions, Assessment and Workshops





*Students to attempt the same at the University Campus on yearly basis in one of the above months 


Indian Programme Fees:

Fee Plan Fees Payable
Down Payment 25,000/-
Emi 10,000/- for 20 Months.

Indian Programme Fees:

On Admission Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 30 days from receipt of offer letter)
Second Installment Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 6 months from date of admission)
Third Installment Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 12 months from date of admission)
Fourth Installment Rs.50,000/- (To be paid within 18 months from date of admission)
Total Fees 200000

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