Course Conduction

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The student would be provided with the hard copy of books/study material along with the login credentials of the Learning management system (LMS) for accessing the courses online.

The LMS would have semester wise buckets for subjects of the respective programs as enrolled.5.

The prospective student should check their eligibility before enrollment and there would be no refund of any registration or part fees payment done by the university and it is subject to university norms.

Every subject would have following activities as follows-

1.Access to Chapter Wise E-Book

2.Access to Chapter Wise Study Guide

3.Access to Chapter Wise Practice Test

Live Sessions (Doubt Clearing Sessions):

  • Students would have a provision to attend the live interactive sessions which would be doubt clearing sessions if any the student may have during the learning process.
  • The schedule for live sessions would be published on the university website.
  • The students can attend the same through their LMS logins.
  • Assignments:

  • After completing the above activities the student would get access to the subject wise assignments.
  • The students would be provided with Assignment Response Sheet along with their study material.
  • Students should submit 2 hard copies written assignments per subject in the assignment response sheet one month before the exams.
  • The questionnaire for the assignments would be provided to students.
  • The student should score 40% in every assignment to pass in respective assignment.
  • Assignment marks are considered in the final mark sheet generated by the university and assignment would have 40% percent weightage for the same while exams would have 60% weightage for final score card.
  • Hard copy assignments for all subjects of every semester to be submitted one month before the respective exam to the University address as mentioned below-

  • To,

    Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU-DE)
    Main Campus, Library Building,
    Mahal, Jagatpura, Jaipur,
    Rajasthan - 302017
    Phone - 8055554407
    Email –

    Project Guidelines:

  • For programs with project work students are required to submit a soft copy of the project
  • The project should be industry related topic selection & finalization will be done by the institute
  • For project guidelines, please email:
  • Exam Results:
  • Project evaluation charges are Rs. 300/-
  • The project should be done by the student and must be original. Plagiarism will not be accepted.
  • Project work should be couriered to university address mentioned above.
  • Dissertation for MBA Students

    The aim of the dissertation is to improvise on analytical skillsets on a clearly defined topic enabling the student to evolve as a professional in dynamic business environment.

    The dissertation would be a mix of research and activities practiced at the company under the industry mentor. There would be real time scenarios which the student would be undergoing enabling the student to understand the topic in depth thereby get an understanding of practical implications of logics and strategies for implementing the basics while on work.

    The students would be provided with a yearly workbook having activities mentioned which the students have to undergo under the guidance of Industry mentor and submit the same during the annual assessments at the university campus.

    The workbook would consist of all the subjects of respective year having activities for every subject. There would be 4 activities for every subject which the student would undertake and submit for evaluation to the university. This would be part of continuous Assessments. Every activity within the subject is for 25 marks taking the overall dissertation activity for the subject to 100 marks. Dissertation work book must be submitted / couriered to university address mentioned above.


  • The time table for Examinations would be communicated to students in advance.
  • The student can give backlog examination for previous semester if any, in the next exam cycle or with the fresh subjects of the subsequent semester as per university guidelines.
  • Students should be present at the exam center along with ID Card /Photo Id 15 minutes before the exam starts.
  • Second Attempt Examination Fees (Per Subject): Indian Student INR 300
  • Examination Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Students who have past due payments or any pending document as required by the university will not be allowed to give their examinations.
  • Eligibility for Exam:

    1. No fees should be due before the examination (which is as per university fee plan)

    2. Successful submissions of Assignments for all the subject one month before appearing for exams.

    3. It would be student’s responsibility to check the website for any new notifications made by the university.

    4. There are 2 assignments per subject and the scores for both assignments would be considered while computing the results for forth coming exams.

    5. Every student is registered under provisional category, till the Time University does not generate the confirmed enrollment number which is subject to eligibility check based on documents submitted by the students. In case any of the provisionally enrolled student is allowed to appear for the exams, the university has the right to hold the result for the said student till all the documents are not submitted for confirmed admission purpose as required by the university. The rights for admission as per eligibility criteria at the discretion of the university

    Exam Exceptions

    There will be no exam exceptions for any students.

    Exam Results:

    The results would be declared within 2 months from date of examination is conducted.

    Mark Sheets & Certification

  • Once the student completes all the mandated assignments, examinations and projects/dissertation (if applicable) the final mark sheet and certificate would be dispatched by the university.
  • The semester wise mark sheet would be issued by the university within 3 months from date of conduction of exams.
  • All pending payments/dues need to be cleared by the student, before the certification.
  • The student has to apply for certification once he/she has completed the full course wherein the student have to re-submit the mandatory documents like degree certificate/mark sheets etc of the qualifying exam which student had submitted at time of admission
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